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Bentley mated with Porsche for an electric car

Stefan Silaff, chief designer of Bentley, in an interview with AutoExpress, mentioned the appearance of a new electric car in the brand's lineup. The first representative of the "green gamut" will be a four-door premium sports car built on the basis of the Porsche Mission E platform. However, the timing of the appearance of the product of the symbiosis of "Porsche" and "Bentley" has not yet been named.
According to the designer, the new electric Bentley will be a unique vehicle with a distinctive interior and exterior, advanced technology and different proportions. “In fact, it will be a five or four-seater sports car with a small trunk,” added Stefan Silaff.

It is assumed that the sports electric car will be named after the racing driver from Great Britain Wolfe Barnato. The four-door Bentley Barnato will be the company's first electric car. Previously, there was information about the production roadster in the EXP 12 Speed ​​style, presented at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show.

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