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Bentley Continental: "charged" coupe is ready to race

If you thought that Bentley models were only for leisurely driving in luxurious conditions, then we hasten to sadden you with some interesting news. The Bentley engineers decided to take part in the International GT and Blancpain races, preparing a new modification of the Bentley Continental for the track.
So the Bentley Continental GT3 is based on the new generation Continental GT model, presented in September in Frankfurt. The Continental's weight has dropped by 950 kilograms, allowing it to compete in the International GT and Blancpain series, popular endurance races. The weight reduction to 1350 kilograms was achieved not only due to the lighter motor. So the carbon body panels came instead of the aluminum ones, and all the unnecessary equipment from the two-door was successfully "removed".
Under the hood of the rear-wheel drive Continental GT3, instead of the standard W12, there is a lightweight V8 with two turbines. The four-liter engine produces 550 horsepower and is equipped with an upgraded intake and exhaust system.
Officially, sales of the racing Bentley Continental will start in the summer of 2018. Recall that the new generation Continental GT, which debuted in the fall, is built on the same platform as the Porsche Panamera. The coupe in an aluminum body is equipped with a 635-horsepower W12, generating 900 Nm of thrust. Acceleration to hundreds of "Continental" takes 3.7 seconds at a maximum speed of 333 km / h.

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