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Audi RS7 turned into the world's fastest armored car

The American company AddArmor and the APR tuning studio have developed an armored version of the "charged" Audi RS7 hatchback. The creators of the car claim that the novelty has become "the world's fastest bulletproof car" - the maximum speed was 325 km per hour. AddArmor has added polycarbonate panels to the hatchback, which are "ten times stronger than standard steel armor, but about 60% lighter." Conventional windows were replaced with special bulletproof laminated glass interspersed with polymer materials. The total weight of the armor was just over 90 kg, but at the same time it complies with the European B4 standard.
This means that it is able to protect the driver and passengers from small arms fire, including high-power .44 Magnum caliber. The equipment includes a pepper gas spray function, a smoke screen installation system, a "sound cannon" and run-flat tires. In addition, stun guns on door handles and blinding light elements are designed to protect from attack. Tuners from APR, in turn, upgraded the four-liter V8 gasoline engine with two turbines, which increased the output to 771 hp. from. and 1085 Nm of torque. The armored Audi RS7 is capable of accelerating to the first hundred in 2.9 seconds, and its maximum speed was 325 km per hour.

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